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Chinese phonetic list . 2014.

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  • 便道 — biàndào (1) [shortcut]∶比寻常所走的途径更直接、 更近的道路 抄便道走 (2) [sidewalk; pavement]∶供步行者使用的走道, 通常设置在马路的两侧 行人走人行便道 (3) [makeshift road]∶临时使用的路 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • Shitong — The Shitong (zh cwl|c=史通|w=Shiht ung|l=Generality of Historiography) is the first Chinese work about historiography compiled by Liu Zhiji between 708 and 710. The book describes the general pattern of the past official dynastic historiography on… …   Wikipedia

  • Liu Zhiji — (zh tspw|t=劉知幾|s=刘知几|p=Liú Zhījī|w=Liu Chihchi, 661–721), courtesy name Zixuan (子玄), was a Chinese historian and author of the Shitong born in present day Xuzhou, Jiangsu during the Tang Dynasty. Liu s father Liu Zangqi and elder brother Liu… …   Wikipedia

  • 编导 — I biāndǎo (1) [write and direct]∶编写剧本与执导演戏 (2) [writer and director]∶编剧和导演 II biāndǎo [playwright director; choreographer director; scenarist director] 编写剧本并亲自导演的人 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

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